Lowering Cholesterol Without Drugs

Some Foods Are Cholesterol On A Plate

For those of us who love to eat red meat, full fat dairy products, fried foods and other dishes that are high in saturated fats are at risk of raising our bad (HDL) cholesterol. This could be threatening our long term health because of the amount of bad cholesterol that is being taken into the body.

High Cholesterol. A Modern Day Problem?

Raised levels of cholesterol in the body are happening more often now than at any time in the past. This is because of the types of foods offered now in grocery stores, supermarkets and in restaurants. We need to start making wise and healthier diet choices.

So What Is The Best Cholesterol Lowering Food?

Q. Is there one food product that can be called the best to lower cholesterol? A. yes and no. Some foods and supplements can lower raised cholesterol such as olive oil, porridge oats, deep water fish, but a well balanced diet should include foods from all of the food groups.

Watch Out For Full Fat Dairy

Example. Instead of using full fat milk with our cornflakes it is best to use low fat milk instead. It tastes much the same, but is far healthier than the regular full cream (full fat) brand bought in the supermarket.

But, I Love My Steaks

Instead of eating steak when having a cook out or picnic, try changing to leaner meats instead. They don’t have so much saturated fat and by adding some herbs,they not only taste great, but the herbs help to boost the body’s metabolism. Which can help to remove bad cholesterol out of the body.

Foods With Omega 3’s

From a cholesterol point of view, some of the healthiest foods to eat for lunch or a main meal is food that comes from the sea. Fish, shellfish, tuna, crab, lobster, mackerel etc. which are known to contain Omega 3’s, which are a good help in lowering the levels of bad (HDL) cholesterol. Not only can these types of foods help to lower bad cholesterol, the bonus is, they will not increase cholesterol levels either.

I’m Hungry And Too Busy To Eat Healthy!

Eating a sugary chocolate bar or a piece of cake doesn’t seem so bad but they are high in saturated fat. Which is not good if you are trying to keep an eye on your cholesterol. If you are hungry and need to snack on something, drop the sugary snacks and cakes. Try snacking on fruits or nuts instead. They are rich in fibre and have vitamins and minerals that we all need.

There Is A Better Way To Eat That Burger

For your main meal try to avoid the meats known to be high in saturated fat and always include a good choice of vegetables with this meal as well. If you really must have those big burgers, ask for no dressing and lots of salad. This may not be healthy, but it’s healthier.

Don’t Fry That Chicken

For a change try chicken,but not fried chicken. Grill, barbecue, or broil it instead and make sure the skin has been removed. You may not have thought of this, chicken is really moist and tasty when it is steamed which is the healthiest way of cooking it.

Bad Habits Can Kill You

Sometimes our diet and the way we cook our food is just a habit, sadly for many of us our habits are killing us. Become more adventurous with your cooking. Go on-line and look for new recipes or instead of watching the same old re-runs on TV, watch a cooking show or two. You will soon learn new habits, enjoy your food more and maybe, just maybe, you become healthier and live longer.

Do It Now

You know, it’s never too late to make some lifestyle changes and live a longer, happier and healthier life.

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Medical Bills Assistance: Saving Money on Maintenance Drugs

Prescription medicine can be as debilitating as hospitalization expenses. Even if you have received medical bills assistance and managed to keep your costs down while you were at the hospital, debts are unavoidable especially if you are prescribed by your doctor branded medicines that are way too expensive for your budget.

It’s no secret that some doctors receive incentives from pharmaceutical companies for recommending their products, you can avoid this by informing your doctor beforehand that you are on a budget and if possible to prescribe you generic medicines instead of branded ones. Don’t believe for a second that expensive medicines being sold by multinational pharmaceutical companies are more effective than the generic ones. The Consumer Reports National Research Center swears by the efficacy and safeness of generic drugs compared to the name-brand medicines.

Medical practitioners are also given samples by the drug companies as part of their perks and also to allow them to assess if the product really works. Maybe you can ask for some samples, especially if you have already established a relationship with your doctor. If there’s no generic counterpart for the branded medicine he prescribed, ask for an alternative over-the-counter drug. Remember that whatever medical bills assistance you get will redound to nothing if you don’t get your maintenance costs in check.

Order by bulk. Research online for any special promo on prescription drugs or buy from wholesale outlets and big-box retailers. Large chains of retail stores also offer special packages for medicines that will entitle you to huge discounts for generic drugs. Your doctor may also know and mail-order drug store that is amenable to supplying you with more medicines, say for a two- or three-month supply, for a much lesser price.

If your doctor is not very accommodating to your request, you can just take his or her prescription, bring it to the nearest pharmacy and ask for its generic counterpart. The pharmacist should be able to help in this regard and that can yield hundreds of dollars of savings on your part. Unlike hospitalization expenses where you can receive medical bills assistance from a multitude of resources (e.g. charity programs, federal grants, financial assistance from hospital and religious organizations), with medicines you are basically on your own.

M. Baylor, of Hurst Texas, grew up with both parents as doctors. Laws concerning medical care governed his fascination as he grew up. As a paralegal in Allmand & Lee, Marcus maintains an informative blog about medical bill debt, medical litigation, and the latest in the health care reform bills and government programs.

The Secrets About Medical Bills [http://blog.secretsaboutmedicalbills.com/] blog seeks to address all sorts of legal questions that people have on the subject. Providing insight and alternatives for those saddled with medical debt and issues that arise through no fault of their own, Marcus seeks to bring help to people who suffer financially due to health issues. Visit Marcus’s blog to find out the latest legal tactics used to fight on behalf of the patient against health insurance companies.

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H. Pylori Agents Drugs Information

Type of Drug

A combination of drugs used to reduce the risk of duodenal (stomach intestinal) ulcer recurrence caused by infection with H. pylori.

How The Drug Works

Lansoprazole reduces gastric (stomach) acid secretion by blocking the final step of gastric acid production. Amoxicillin kills bacteria by preventing the production of the bacterial cell wall. Clarithromycin suppresses the formation of vital proteins by bacteria, slowing bacterial growth.


For the treatment of H. pylori infection and duodenal (stomach/intestina ulcers (active or 1-year history of a duodenal ulcer) to eradicate H. pylor and prevent ulcer recurrence.

Diarrhea: If diarrhea develops during lansoprazole/amoxicillin/clarithromycin use, pseudomembranous colitis must be considered. This inflammatory condition of the colon is due to overgrowth of bacteria that are not killed by lansoprazole/amoxicillin/clarithromycin. The primary cause is a toxin produced by a bacteria known as Clostridia difficile. Colitis symptoms may range in severity from mild to life-threatening. Mild cases usually respond by stopping the antibiotic. In more severe cases other antibiotics may need to be used.

Pregnancy: Adequate studies have not been done in pregnant women. Use only if clearly needed and potential benefits outweigh the possible hazards to the fetus.

Breastfeeding: Amoxicillin appears in breast milk. Because of the potential for serious adverse effects, decide whether to discontinue nursing or discontinue the drug. Consult your doctor.

Children: Safety and effectiveness in children have not been established

Drug Interactions

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or if you are planning to take any over-the-counter or prescription medications or dietary supplements while taking this medicine. Doses of one or both drugs may need to be modified or a different drug may need to be prescribed. The following drugs and drug classes interact with this medicine.

Amoxicillin only ­ Allopurinol (eg, Zyloprim)

Contraceptives, Oral (eg, Ortho-Novum, Ovral) Probenecid (Benemid)

Tetracyclines (eg, tetracycline HCI)

Clarithromycin only ­ Anticoagulants, Oral (eg, warfarin)

Astemizole (Hismana/)

Benzodiazepines (eg, alprazolam, diazepam, midazolam, triazolam)

Buspirone (Buspar)

Cisapride (Propulsid)

Cyclosporine (eg, Neoral, Sandimmune)

Dihydroergotamine or ergotamine (eg, Ergomar)

Disopyramide (Norpace)

Fluconazole (Diflucan)

Side Effects

Every drug is capable of producing side effects. Many patients experience no, or minor, side effects. The frequency and severity of side effects depend on many factors including dose, duration of therapy, and individual susceptibility. Possible side effects include:

Digestive Tract: Diarrhea; taste changes; nausea; dark stools; sore tongue; mouth sores; tongue discoloration; dry mouth; thirst; indigestion; stomach pain or irritation; vomiting; rectal itching.

Urinary and Reproductive Tract: Vaginal inflammation; vaginal infection.

Nervous System: Headache; confusion; dizziness.

Other: Muscle pain; itching; rash; hives.

Guidelines for Use

Take exactly as prescribed.

Each medication packet contains enough medication for 2 doses.

Usual adult dose is 30 mg lansoprazole (1 pink and black capsule), 1 g amoxicillin (2 maroon and light pink capsules), and 500 mg clarithromycin (1 yellow tablet) taken together twice daily before eating (morning and evening) for 14 days. Swallow each pill whole.

Failure to complete full course of therapy may allow the infection to return.

If a dose is missed, take it as soon as possible. If several hours have passed or if it is nearing time for the next dose, do not double the dose in order to catch up unless advised to do so by your doctor. If more than 1 dose is missed, or if it is necessary to establish a new dosage I schedule, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Discontinue therapy immediately and contact your doctor if any of the following occurs: Rash; hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of the eye-lids, face, tongue, or lips.

Notify your doctor if diarrhea develops while taking this medicine or shortly after completing therapy.

This product contains a penicillin. Tell your doctor if you have a penicillin allergy .

Decreased dosage or dosing intervals of clarithromycin may be necessary for patients with severe kidney impairment and will be determined by your doctor.

Store at controlled room temperature (59 0 to 86°F). Protect from light and moisture.

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Drugs That Cause Man Boobs or Gynecomastia

Certain medications can promote breast growth or man boobs. They interact with the natural levels of the hormones testosterone and estrogen, and disturb the balance in some manner. Gynecomastia is a common consequence of estrogen treatment in patients with prostate Drugs that may cause gynecomastia include:

Hormones (androgens, anabolic steroids, estrogen agonists)
Antiandrogens or androgen-synthesis inhibitors
Antibiotics (isoniazid, ketoconazole,)
Anti-ulcer medications such as cimetidine
Cancer chemotherapeutics, especially alkylating agents
Cardiovascular drugs, such as captopril and digitoxin
Psychoactive agents, such as diazepam and tricyclic antidepressants
Recreational drugs, such as alcohol and marijuana

Alcohol and drugs can cause gynecomastia by mimicking estrogen and stimulating androgen production. Steroids and other excess androgens are sometimes converted by the body into estrogens and consequently cause male breast problems.

To reverse breast growth, it may be possible to change medications.

Men over the age of 50 tend to produce fewer androgens such as testosterone or gain fat tissue that converts androgen into estrogen. In 3 percent of reported cases, gynecomastia can signal lung, liver, or adrenal cancer. Tumors can secrete estrogen, upsetting the hormonal balance. There have also been studies that have shown Marijuana to promote tissue growth the aerola area of the nipple. Many testosterone enhancing drugs sold to young body builders or young men involved in youth athletics cause gynecomastia. Androstene or androstenoid is a great example. It blew onto the market in the mid-90s after Mark Mcquire got in trouble for using. Many young athletes including myself used the product

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Self Intervention – Breaking Yourself Free From Drugs and Alcohol

Once a person realizes what they are doing to their body, and has not only admitted to their self that they have a problem, but are also tired of cycles and the frustrations that go along with “using”, they can indeed do a “self intervention”.

There is no specified age or time for this to happen. Most people that end up with severe addiction problems started out when they were young, just “partying”. Usually when a person grows up and has children of their own, the “partying” slows down or comes to a halt for lack of funds and the need to be a proper role model. However, some people don’t make those changes as they mature, and they start to have problems that often “snowball” into divorce and bankruptcy.

Self Intervention to break away from the use of drugs or alcohol is not easy. The type of person that thinks they can do it, needs to be strong and keep a positive outlook. It can be done! Once a person becomes aware of their own addiction problem, the people that are in their life, that do not know there is a problem, need not find out!

They can do a “Self Intervention”. Self Intervention is only possible once you have discovered that you have what it takes within yourself to stop what you are doing and turn your life around. You have got to want to do this!

There have been many people that have checked into a rehab center numerous times, only to find out that the only way to quit is when you finally find it within yourself to quit. No amount of counseling or therapy is going to work until that person finally decides within their self to make changes.

That is why statistically speaking, very few people are able to make an extended stay at a rehab center work for them. You always hear about celebrities on the news and in the tabloids, “returning back to rehab” again and again!

Often times the “twelve step” meetings have a tendency to work against an otherwise intelligent person. They do work for some people, but not for everyone.

Staying clean is a choice. There is no “Magic Bullet”. Prayer and self control are really the only two things that will ultimately put an end to a addiction problem. Changing who you “hang out” with and who your friends are will make a difference. The choice is easy to make once the options of jail or death come into view.

The writer of this article would like to invite you to follow his blog: Self Intervention – Breaking yourself Free from Drugs and Alcohol. http://selfintervention.blogspot.com By using prayer, self control and a calendar to mark the days off one day at a time, he was able to get sober and stay sober for many years now and remains so to this day.

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